Yun toh Har Prani phal bhoghay Nij Karni Anusara, Par Karni ke karne mai bhi hai kuch Haath humara.            Ram naam aadhaar jine woh, jal mai raah banate hain, Jin par Kirpa Ram Kare, woh pathar bhi tar jaate hain.
  • Message from Chairman Sir

    (Education is a liberating force and in our age it is also a democratizing force, cutting across the barriers of caste and classes, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances)

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  • Message from Principal

    Every piece of marble has a statue in it, waiting to be released by a man of sufficient skill to chip away the unnecessary parts, for what sculptor is to bloack of marble so educations to the soul. These famous words have always inspired many to make education a life long meaningful process.

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B.Ed holders from J&K can't be disqualified: HC-

National Council for Teacher Education (A Statutory Body of the Government Of India)