Red Cross Day

The N.S.S. unit of Ramisht College of Education, Basohli organized an awareness programme on the occasion of observance of Red Cross Day on 08/05/2017 in the premises of college. In this programme, almost all the students of the college took part in it. Red cross is an international organization based on humanitarian ground aimed at ensuring well being of entire humanity without discrimination of caste, creed, religion and gender. This great humanitarian organization was established by Mr. Jean Henary Dunant, a swiss businessman. The Red cross society aims at rendering its services for mitigating suffering of people from any calamity, man-made or natural. This organization also provides medical facilities and imparting first-aid training to meet emergency medical needs in case of accidents. Inspite of all this many welfare works have been carried out by this organization. The Red cross society has given significant contribution in the upliftment and welfare of the society.





Press Release

The N.S.S. unit of Ramisht College of Education Basohli held a sanitation drive under the SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN launched by central government of India to make India a pollution free country today on 21-04-2017. In this sanitation derive about fifty N.S.S. volunteers of Sem. 2 nd and Sem .4 th took part . This sanitation derive is held at Govt. Middle School Barla Choughan under the supervision of  N.S.S. programme officer Mr. Mahan Singh Jasrotia. The volunteers collected the stones, polythenes , wrappers and other rudiments lying on the ground and in the school campus . The Chairman of the college applauded the efforts of the volunteers.

At last refreshment was served to all .

We organised Judo –Karate classes in order to decrease the crimes against women and for their self – protection .

Self  protection  is must , it is said that a person unable to defend  himself  lives  a life of coward .
There are various ways  of self – protection .The best one of all is the Martial  art or Judo –Karate .

Today , on  30 April 2017  Ramisht College Of Education  organised  Judo –Karate classes in order to decrease the crimes against women and for their self – protection .
It increases  the confidence in the girls and encourages them to report any form of harassment instead of suffering  the humiliation silently .
Activities like taekwondo ,kung fu  and aikido are the fun way for both boys and girls . It also dilute the problem  of  obesity .
The  Principal of the college and  the  Chairman  Sh. Rajinder  Prasad proposed to make such training mandatory for school and college.

Ramisht College of Education organized a program on the world T.B day

  Today on March 24, 2017 Ramisht College of Education organized a program on the world T.B day. The staff & students of the college took an active part in this program. This year the theme of world Tuberculosis day 2017 is ‘Unite to end TB’. This year W.H.O has placed a special focus on the uniting efforts to ‘leave no one behind’.

  India has the highest numbers of T.B patient’s World T.B day provide the platform for affected person and communities, Civil Society Organization health care providers, policy maker’s etc. factor such as mal nutrition, poor housing and sanitation compounded by other factor such as Tobacco and alcohol use and diabetes affect vulnerability to T.B. and access to care. So we should be care full about this.