Self  protection  is must , it is said that a person unable to defend  himself  lives  a life of coward .
There are various ways  of self – protection .The best one of all is the Martial  art or Judo –Karate .

Today , on  30 April 2017  Ramisht College Of Education  organised  Judo –Karate classes in order to decrease the crimes against women and for their self – protection .
It increases  the confidence in the girls and encourages them to report any form of harassment instead of suffering  the humiliation silently .
Activities like taekwondo ,kung fu  and aikido are the fun way for both boys and girls . It also dilute the problem  of  obesity .
The  Principal of the college and  the  Chairman  Sh. Rajinder  Prasad proposed to make such training mandatory for school and college.